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What Some of Our Amazing Clients Have To Say....
We are so pleased with the supplement to our Medicare. And we don't have to worry about rehab and nursing home costs!

Cheryl B.

Matt did it! He was able to get me an exemption on Pennie health website! Not an easy task! I am now set up with a very good health insurance. Thanks Matt!

Mark P.
"After meeting with Matt (and, also, reading his excellent book “Medicare Made-to-Order”), I had a very good understanding of how Medicare works and the various benefits that were available to me.

 I also understood the initial process for signing up for Medicare and the timing and method for making any desired changes."

"I am very satisfied with the service I have received from Matt over the years. He is always
prompt, professional and caring. 

He takes the time to listen (which is becoming a lost art) and then
explains things in a clear, concise and coherent manner, without in any way making you feel
deficient on a matter of upmost importance. 

It is comforting to know that Matt is available to assist with any
questions I might have and to help with any challenges that might arise in the future."

"I was extremely frustrated with Medicare and the spam calls before I met with Matt.

After meeting with Matt I was put at ease."

"He is always very patient with me no matter how many times I call; and his book is so informative that I still reference it from time to time"

Marcella B.
I am thoroughly satisfied with the service I received from Scott Simonsen and Frank Ferraro in enrolling with Aetna and the GTL Home Health Care plan. They went through and explained all of the features each plan offered me. I am so glad I decided to go with Aetna and GTL.

Dom E. 
"For weeks before we talked to Matt, we were online, getting pamphlets in the mail, and talking to others about which way to go and just trying to understand the whole process of Medicare.

It’s all confusing and talking to others who all have their own opinion just makes it more confusing.

We actually did talk to another Medicare consultant and my adult son was sitting in with us. This consultant made it
even more confusing to the point my son actually got up after a half hour and walked out.

We gave up on her.

A friend told us to go to Matt and we were skeptical after so many confusing roads we’ve taken.

But after 10 minutes of talking to Matt I felt like we had a clear path."

Tom and Barb P.
"Before meeting with Matt, I had lost my husband’s insurance, and I was very nervous about finding a new one. I met with Matt after reading a lot of information on my own. He explained many things that I had questions about and took all the time I needed to do that. 

Matt was referred to me by a very close friend.

After my meeting with Matt and after reading his book, I felt confident that I could make an educated decision.

Matt’s assistant, Lydia, has been extremely helpful and welcoming with phone calls and at personal meetings at the office. 

She is very knowledgeable and answered or found answers to problems I was having. When I left messages, I was contacted by Lydia or Matt very quickly.

I am extremely confident that choosing Matt’s office for my team of advisors was the right decision."

Barbara R.
3145 W. 26th St. 
Erie, PA 16506
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